Mrs Tutu visits Truth to Power exhibition

A week after the official opening of a permanent exhibition paying tribute to the late Archbishop Tutu and the church’s roles in the struggle against apartheid, a deeply moved Mrs Leah Tutu visited the exhibition and expressed profound gratitude to all involved in its production.The Archbishop and Mrs Tutu visited the exhibition prior to its completion, on the Archbishop’s 90th birthday last October, but this was Mrs Tutu’s first opportunity to view the full show.The exhibition – Truth To Power: Desmond Tutu and the Churches in the Struggle Against Apartheid – was produced by the Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg, in collaboration with the Desmond & Tutu Legacy Foundation (which provided valuable artefacts) – and was funded by the National Lottery.The exhibition is located at the Old Granary Building in Cape Town, home of the Archbishop Tutu Trust and the Desmond & Tutu Legacy Foundation.